Monday, September 13, 2010

Cuba becoming more capitalist?

In a recent announcement, Cuban officials said that the government will lay off at least 500,000 state employees and allow more "private" sector jobs to be created to replace this loss. Without a doubt this is a step away from their historical communism of the last 50 years and towards a capitalistic market system. This is bound to be an improvement for Cubans and their lives. Currently, the average wage for state employees is approximately $20 a month. Yes, month. Now, understandably the cost of living is lower, but with private jobs, Cubans can enjoy the ability to make significantly more amounts of money, and hopefully (for them at least) better their country's economy.
With the amount of refugees fleeing to America, and with the current "war on immigration" this should be fortuitous for America, too. The government and coast guard may need to spend significantly less on fortifying the border between Cuba and Florida due to a hopeful lessening of refugees. We could also very well open up trading to Cuba, ultimately increasing the effectiveness of the new switch, and potentially inviting them to break the chains of communism altogether.

Since posting this I have come across a source stating even Fidel Castro is opposed to the current state of his country. It is my hope that very soon, Cuba will reform to be a profitable, well-off, and decent country.


  1. Those crazy Cubans. Michael Moore sure showed the US in 'Sicko' though that they're not what the media made them out to be.

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